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NEW! Date picker - you can now select the date you would like us to bake and dispatch your order!

New Website Features

New Website Features

I can't believe I'm typing these words... Thomas Cookie Co just launched our new ecommerce website!

It's a big moment for us, and I gotta say, I'm bursting with pride. But hey, enough of that mushy stuff, let's talk features!

I checked off all the boxes on my website wish list and went all out to give you the best experience. No slow roll here – I went full speed ahead! 

Pre-date selector
This was on the top of my wish list, you can now choose the exact date for your order to be baked, up to 30 days in advance! Pick any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday and we'll get those delicious cookies ready just for you.

And guess what? If you're more of a pick-up person, that's cool too! Now it's super easy to select the day you want to swing by and grab your goodies. No more confusion – just pure cookie bliss coming your way.


NEW BIGGER cookies and Cookie Cups

I don’t think we are doing the “shrinkflation” thing right… yes, our prices have gone up, by 10% but the size of the cups and the cookies have gone UP 25%!?! From 80g to 100g each! Bosh!

I'm calling it "growflation". Here's a picture I took on the last market while I was testing the sizes. 

New Pick’n’Mix options

Shopping on our stall or online is as smooth as whisking up a batch of our famous cookies!

Get ready for a burst of flavour because I've jazzed up our Mix & Match options and introduce you to our new creation: Pick’n’Mix!

Cookie Cups, Cookies, Brookie Cups, S’mores – all at your fingertips for the ultimate mix and match extravaganza.

Add 5 or more items for a delectable 10% off – yep, you heard that right! And here's the icing on the cookie – there's no limit, so go wild and create your fully customisable bundles! It's a cookie-lover's dream come true! 

New Brookies!

The beloved brookie pies have stepped aside, making way for the amazing NEW brookie trays!

They may sound familiar to our OG fans, but trust me, these upgraded trays are bigger, better, and packed with more flavours than ever before.

You now have three sizes to choose from – the loaf (200g), the tray (600g), and the Beast (1kg). These brookie trays are here to satisfy your wildest cravings and take your taste buds on a flavor adventure like no other.

Indulge, savor, and experience the love and quality we put into each scrumptious bite. Get ready for a brookie coma!

New lower FREE shipping Threshold

We've decided to reduce the free shipping threshold. Now, all you need to do is hit a sweet £30 to trigger free shipping! It's like having your cookie dreams delivered right to your doorstep, without breaking the bank. This change is a trial for now, but hey, we'll see how it goes. P&P (that's postage and packaging, if you're wondering) can be a tough nut to crack, but we're determined to make it a piece of cake. Happy shopping and let the cookie goodies come your way! 🎉🍪✨


Add a gift note at the checkout

Adding a message into your order isn't 'new' for us, we've always done it. But it was a bit clunky on the old website, having to find it was a bit of a challenge! Now, it's right at the checkout! Soooo much easier! 


Well, that's all for now! I do have a few more things coming which weren't on my "must have" list, they will have to wait for now as I have some Easter Eggs to make.... ;-) 

There will be some teething with this site, but I'm glad you're along for the ride with me!